Welcome to La Spezia, a port city famous for its sheltered bay and the charm of its historic alleys. Also known as the ‘Gateway to the Cinque Terre’, it offers an ideal starting point for exploring the many fascinating villages that our territory holds.

Welcome to La Spezia, a port city famous for its sheltered bay and the charm of its historic alleys. Also known as the ‘Gateway to the Cinque Terre’, it offers an ideal starting point for exploring the many fascinating villages that our territory holds.

Porto Venere

Welcome to Portovenere, a hidden gem on the Ligurian coast! This enchanting seaside village will captivate you with its colourful buildings, cobbled streets and breathtaking sea views. Explore the picturesque historic centre, dominated by the majestic Church of San Pietro, and admire the remains of the castle standing on the promontory. Take a stroll along the seaside promenade and discover the sea caves hidden along the coast. With its enchanting beaches, fresh fish restaurants and authentic atmosphere, Portovenere will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Lerici, pearl of the Ligurian Riviera! Located on the Gulf of Poets, Lerici enchants visitors with its picturesque seaside village, pebble beaches and crystal-clear waters. Admire the medieval castle that dominates the landscape and explore the narrow streets of the historic centre, full of shops, cafés and restaurants. Enjoy a stroll along the promenade and stop to savour delicious Ligurian cuisine in traditional seaside restaurants. With its timeless charm and breathtaking views, Lerici will captivate you with its authentic Mediterranean style.

Lunigiana is renowned for its picturesque hilly landscapes, crossed by clear rivers and surrounded by lush forests. This territory is a paradise for lovers of nature and outdoor sports, offering numerous opportunities for hiking, horse riding and mountain biking. Each village has its own story to tell, from ancient legends to medieval battles, offering visitors a journey through time. Among the most evocative places to visit are Fosdinovo, dominated by its imposing castle; Pontremoli, with its medieval bridges and Romanesque cathedral; and Filetto, a small village surrounded by medieval walls. Every corner of Lunigiana is pervaded by a magical and unique atmosphere.

The picturesque medieval villages of Garfagnana are true historical gems, with their cobbled streets, stone houses and ancient churches. Borgo a Mozzano, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and Barga are just some of the gems that dot this region, each with its own fascinating history to discover. With its natural beauty, rich history and authentic cuisine, Garfagnana is a place to explore for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the Tuscan countryside. Come and discover the magic of the Garfagnana and be enchanted by its timeless charm.

Cave di Marmo

In addition to their historical and artistic importance, the marble quarries are also places of extraordinary natural beauty. Bright white marble walls alternate with crystals of various hues, creating a fascinating visual spectacle that changes with the illumination of the sun. Some of the most famous quarries include the Carrara quarries, known for their pure white marble used by world-famous artists such as Michelangelo for their most famous works. Here, you can visit the Marble Museum and discover the history and working technique of this extraordinary material. The marble quarries are a must-see for anyone visiting Tuscany, offering a unique experience that combines history, art and nature in a single adventure. Come and discover the magic of the marble quarries and be fascinated by the timeless beauty of this extraordinary treasure of nature.


This charming fishing village enchants visitors with its colourful houses overlooking the sea, fishing boats gently rocking in the harbour and lush surrounding hills. Explore the picturesque old town, strolling along the narrow streets lined with luxury boutiques and cosy cafés. Admire the breathtaking view from the famous piazzetta and take a stroll along the coastal paths to discover secluded coves and unforgettable views. With its timeless beauty and exclusive ambience, Portofino will provide you with an unforgettable experience on the Ligurian coast.


One of Tuscany’s most exclusive seaside destinations! This region enchants visitors with its long sandy beaches, elegant period villas and vibrant coastal towns. Explore famous resorts such as Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta, where you can find fashion boutiques, gourmet restaurants and lively nightclubs. Enjoy the sun and sea along the sandy coastline or immerse yourself in culture by visiting art museums and galleries. With its combination of luxury, natural beauty and fun, Versilia is the perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.

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To visit the Cinque Terre, the Riviera Ligure di Levante, the Lunigiana, the Garfagnana, the marble quarries of Carrara, the Versilia and Tuscany (Pisa, Lucca and Florence just over an hour by car or train).